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Egg Dishes

Egg and Cheese Strata:  $6.00 per Person
Minimum 10 People

Scrambled Eggs:  $5.00 per Person
Minimum 10 People

Eggs Florentine:  $6.00 per Person
Minimum 10 People

Stuffed Tomato with Egg:  $6.00 per Person

Quiche:  $12.75 Each
Serves Six to Eight People

Pancakes & French Toast

Swedish Pancakes With Lingonberries:  $4.50 per Person

Sweet Bread French Toast:  $5.50 per Person

French Toast:  5.50 per Person

Breakfast Pastries

Regular Sized Cinnamon Rolls:  $17.55 per Dozen

Assorted Mini Muffins:  $12.00 per Dozen

Mini Pecan Rolls:  $18.00 per Dozen

Assorted Bagels (Served with Cream Cheese, Sliced Tomato, Red Onion and Pickles):  $3.50 per Person (10 Person Minimum)

Assorted Sweet Breads:  $5.75 per Loaf

Breakfast Meats

Bacon:  $3.50 per Person

Ham:  $3.95 per Person

Sausage:  $3.50 per Person

Turkey Sausage:  $3.50 per Person

Fresh Nova Lox:  $9.00 per Person

Breakfast Sides

Seasonal Fresh Fruit:  $3.50 per Person

Granola with Plain Yogurt:  $8.25 per Person

Hash Brown Potatoes:  $2.95 per Person

Hash Brown with Cheese:  $3.45 per Person


Regular or Decaf Coffee:  $2.75 per Person

Hot Tea:  $2.75 per Person

Soft Drinks (Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite):  $2.75 per Person

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice:  $18.50 per Gallon

Fresh Grapefruit Juice:  $18.50 per Gallon

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea:  $15.00 per Gallon


Beef & Pork Entrees
Swedish Meatballs:  $6.95

Roast Tenderloin of Beef:  $8.95

Roast Pork with Dressing:  $7.95

Baked Ham:  $6.95

Chicken & Turkey Entrees
Roast Turkey with Dressing:  $6.95

Baked Spring Chicken:  $7.95

Grilled Breast of Chicken:  $6.95

Chicken Penne Pasta:  $6.95

Seafood Entrees
Cajun Crab Cakes:  $7.00

Broiled Salmon:  $8.00

Stuffed Orange Roughy:  $9.00

Vegetarian Entrees
Vegetarian Penne Pasta:  $5.95

Vegetarian Lasagna:  $5.95

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers:  $6.95

House Salad:  $3.95

Roasted Vegetable Salad:  $3.95

Black Bean Salad:  $3.95

Caesar Salad:  $3.95

Cucumber Salad:  $3.95

Pasta Salad:  $3.95

Spinach Salad:  $5.25

Rice Pilaf:  $2.95

Mashed Potatoes:  $2.95

Boiled New Potatoes:  $2.95

Steamed Mixed Vegetables:  $295

Steamed Broccoli:  $2.95

Steamed Carrots:  $2.95

Corn on the Cob:  $2.95

Regular or Decaf Coffee:  $2.75

Soft Drinks (Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite):  $2.75

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea:  $15.00 per Gallon

*Also Available for Luncheons


Onsite Catering Please Add $2.75 per Person for Beverage Service

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